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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Common Account Activation Issues & Solutions:

  1. Desktop App Activation: If you are trying to setup a desktop version SAP Authenticator app, ensure to copy and paste the complete key for activation.
    Desktop App Activation Image

  2. App Deletion: Do not delete the SAP Authenticator app as it's needed to access a passcode for every login! If your app is accidentally deleted, please contact CVS AP team to help you with re-registration.

  3. Switch App Version: If you want to switch from SAP Authenticator app mobile version to desktop version or vice versa, please go to your Profile Management page and disable your old SAP Authenticator account first before deleting it and setting up a new one.

    Deactivate Image

  4. Unique Account: Each user needs to have his own unique vendor portal account. Do not share your account with other colleagues from your firm.

  5. Activation Email Not Received: Once your account registration request is approved, a confirmation/activation email will be sent to your email address. If you don't receive any email, check your "SPAM" or "JUNK EMAIL" outlook folder. Also ensure your company firewall doesn't block "notification@sapnetworkmail.com".

  6. App Activation: Ensure your SAP Authenticator app has been activated before log into Vendor Portal. If the following screen is displayed when logging in, your SAP Authenticator app has not been setup. Navigate to the profile page for activation:

    App Activation Image

2. Common Account Login Errors & Solutions:

Sample Error Image
  1. Clock Synchronization Error: Configure your mobile device to automatically update the date and time under "Settings -> General - Date & Time -Set Automatically."

  2. Outdated Browser: SAP recommend using Chrome browser Version 66+. Clear browser cache and try login again using the up-to-date Chrome version.

  3. Passcode Timed Out: If you are using the desktop app, passcode is also only available for a short period of time. Be cautious about the timer to ensure that passcode doesn't expire.

  4. Password Update: If you have reset your password, ensure to use the new password for your login, and update your browser's saved password.

  5. Duplicated SAP Authenticator App Account: You may have setup both desktop and mobile version SAP Authenticator app. One vendor portal account can link to only one SAP Authentication app (either Desktop or Mobile version). For example, if you already have desktop version, please make sure not to install mobile app and use the code from your mobile app.

3. Common Account Password/SAP Authenticator App Passcode Reset Issues & Solutions:

  1. Password Reset Email Not Received: After you click "forget password," a password reset email will be sent to your email address. If you don't receive any email, check your "SPAM" or "JUNK EMAIL" outlook folder. Also ensure your company firewall doesn't block "notification@sapnetworkmail.com".

  2. Unable to Reset Password: If you encounter the following error message “Your domain is not trusted. Please contact your system administrator when attempting to reset your password, please try the following steps:

  3. Account Lock/Unlock: Users get locked out after three incorrect password attempts, but their accounts will get unlocked after one hour. Passcodes will be locked after five incorrect attempts, but this will also get unlocked after one hour. If users forget their passwords, they still need to reset their passwords. Otherwise they can continue using the same passwords after accounts get unlocked.

    Unlock Image

4. Common Vendor Portal Error Messages & Solutions:

  1. UI5 Error Message: 'App could not be opened because the SAP UI5 component of the application could not be loaded.'

    1. After successfully entering Vendor Portal, if you see the below error message on either homepage or Invoice/Payment tile, please try the following solutions:

      1. Refresh and login again later
      2. Clear your browser cache
      3. Use recommended browser version: SAP recommend using Chrome browser Version 66+.

UI5 Error Image

If User Guides and FAQ do not resolve your issues, please contact CVS Helpdesk at 855-280-4872.

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